Since we keep getting some repeat questions, we have decided to slap together a little F.A.Q./N.A.Q. Please read through this before sending a question to us.

What is an F.A.Q./N.A.Q.?
    What you're reading 0=) It stands for Frequently Asked Questions / Never Asked Questions. To avoid unnecessary e-mail (for we both have more that just this page to take care of, and e-mail does take up a bit of our time some days), we put this together to save us some time. Hopefully your question is answered here.

When will the [animé pics/manga pics/movie clips/etc.] be put up?
    Sometimes we take down the clips or images to re-do the galleries and archives. If this happens for an extended period of time, it most likely means that we are busy with other things. If one of the galleries is down, we will try to get it up as soon as we can, but sometimes it is not possible to get at it right away. We will get them up when we get them up.

The movie clips don't work! Can you fix them?
    Try using Windows Media Player. They work just fine for us in that program.

The links to the movie clips are broken! Can you tell me where you got the clips so I can download them from there?
    We're sorry, but the clips were collected by Kiri over a year ago before the start of the page. Since then the pages we got them from have either disappeared or were lost in the shuffle. You can always searching on your own ^^ Maybe you'll find a clip we don't even have!

Then can you tell me when the links are fixed?
    If the links are ever broken for an extended period of time, then a message will be posted on the updates page when they are back in order.

Can you send me information on [whatever]?
    Please do not ask us to send you information on anything but Chibi Chibi, and only then if you want a point clarified. We are not Sailormoon information gurus (no matter how much we's like to think we are!!). We will most likely delete your e-mail if you ask.

Where can I find fansubs/fandubs/merchandise for Sailormoon?
    Maybe if you looked on the Anipike there might be a listing somewhere on there ^^ If not, various places have merchandise for sale. Kiri's favourite place to get SM merchandise is Wizzywig's.

Can you send me pictures of Chibi Chibi / some other character?
    No. Look for pictures yourself, we don't have enough time to ourselves to go on massive searches for pictures for someone else.

Why isn't [such and such a section] working? I clicked on it, and it wouldn't come up!
    Try refreshing your browser and trying again. If it still doesn't work, then Kiri screwed up again ^^;;

I have a question you didn't cover!
    E-mail us with it and we'll see what we can do ^^ and its content is © 2002 amber mcbratney, nicolle schnitter. chibi chibi, sailorcosmos, and bishoujo senshi sailormoon is © 1992-2002 naoko takeuchi.