Our other sites:
    Nicolle's domain. Artwork and webjournal, woo hoo :D

    Kiri's domain. A collective of sites including a Phobos/Deimos shrine and manga galleries.

Thanks go out to:
Hitoshi Doi's Animé Page
    A wonderful collection of Shoujo animé series summaries. His page also includes a listing of Seiyuu! CCP's animé information section wouldn't be possible without Mr. Doi.

The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko
    Fan translations of all of Naoko Takeuchi's works. A wonderful place to discover more of Miss Takeuchi's wonderful stories.

Other wonderful sites:
Sailormoon and the Sailor Senshi
    A nicely-designed and informative combo page dedicated to BSSM.

The Sailormoon Nexus
    The lord of all links archives. The Sailormoon Nexus links hundreds of Sailormoon pages on any number of subjects.

Silver Moonlight
    A nice page with a large links section, information pages, and various other fun little things. A worthwhile visit.

Timeless Whisper
    An excellent new shrine to Sailorpluto, based solely on the manga version.

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