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    This is by far not a complete recount of the instances involving Chibi Chibi. It wasn't meant to be. If you wish to learn what else happens in the episodes involving our little enigma, direct yourselves to Hitoshi Doi's Anime Page or locate yourself some reliable fansubs ^^

Into the Animé!
    First appearing in episode #182, entitled 'Uchuu kara no Shinryaku! Siren Hirai' ('The invasion from space! Siren comes flying'), Chibi Chibi is quite different from her original still-drawn black and white counterpart.

    While in the park, Usagi and Luna came across a young girl sporting two heart-shaped odango and holding a parasol (or, if you like, an umbrella). Suddenly, a gust of wind came up, and blew the parasol out of the young girl's hands. Usagi went and caught it for her, returned it, and left her and the park behind.
    Upon returning home, she is surprised by her mother scolding her about leaving her little sister behind when she went out. Chibi Chibi is standing before her.

    Chibi Chibi is a happy character. Although she does not speak coherently - for in the animé, she is only able to say 'Chibi' or repeat the words of others - she is able to get her ideas across to the rest of the world, albeit in a different fashion.
    Although they do not know very much about her, and in fact, not much is revealed about her throughout the majority of the season, the Sailor Senshi seem to enjoy being around her. This despite her habit of making them constantly afraid for her safety as she attempts one dare-devil act after another.

    Chibi Chibi's linneage in the animé is quite clear, as it is explained that she is the Light of Hope (or Star Seed) from Sailorgalaxia. She is no relation whatsoever to Tsukino Usagi. Although this is, I must admit, borne of speculation between the characters themselves within the series, it is a false statement that she is even remotely related to Usagi.
    Of all the senshi in the universe, Sailorgalaxia is strongest. The legendary Sailor Senshi. While battling Chaos, she found that the only way to keep it from destroying or taking over the universe would be to seal it within her own body. Realizing that it was still gaining power even though she had sealed it within her body - and would soon take it over - she created Chibi Chibi of all her hope, and sent her away "to the stars of love and justice ..." where Chaos would never be able to find her. She sent her to find "the one of love and justice ..." so she would be protected. The one she found ended up to be our very own Sailormoon.

    She doesn't have much of a transformation in this version of the series. Unlike every other senshi (who have transformations that are, like, 5- to 10-second animations ...), her transformation seems almost instantaneous. Her first transformation takes place in Stars episode #187 entitled 'Kagayaku Hoshi no Power! Chibi Chibi no Henshin' ('The Power of the Glittering Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation'). As she touched Eternal Sailormoon's Moon Tier, a bright light blossomed from the object, seemingly transporting Chibi Chibi (now Sailor Chibichibimoon) and Eternal Sailormoon into a place out of the normal fabric of their universe (which could be referred to as a 'dream sequence'). While there, Sailor Chibichibimoon granted Eternal Sailormoon a new power, enabling her to utilize a new attack against the enemy of the day. Chibichibimoon changed back to Chibi Chibi the instant the 'dream sequence' ended.

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