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Into the Manga!
    First appearing in manga act #44, Stars 2, right from the start you can see the differences between the Chibi Chibi of the manga and the Chibi Chibi of the animé.

    A sparkling of light, and a small girl sporting two heart-shaped odango floats down from the sky to land in Ichinohashi Park. As she touches down, flower petals begin to fall around her, piquing her curiosity and causing her to look upwards. Climbing up to the walkway the petals seemed to be falling from, she finds a lady lying there unconscious.
    Ikuko, Usagi's mother, is just finishing up the dishes at her home, when she comes across a cup belonging to Chibiusa, who had returned to her own time in the 30th century. This resulted in Ikuko forgetting about her and wondering who the cup belonged to. This also resulted in the inadvertant naming of Chibi Chibi. As Ikuko is putting the cup away, she hears the doorbell. Thinking it could be Chibiusa, she cries 'Chibiusa-chan!' and rushes to answer the door. As she sees who is standing before her, she says with a mix of surprise and wonder 'Chibi ... Chibi...?' Unable to completely say Chibiusa's name (as the two times she said 'chibi' were in two separate word bubbles). Chibi Chibi, standing before her, repeats her words happily, 'Chibi Chibi?' (this though, unlike Ikuko's saying of the words, is in one word bubble)

    Chibi Chibi seems to be a happy character. Although throughout the first part of the manga acts she repeats what others say rather than say anything on her own, she only does this mainly when Ikuko is around, and even then not all the time. At one point when Ikuko asks her if she would like a snack, she answers quite clearly 'All right!'
    While around her, Usagi admits to feeling more at ease. Even though she knows next to nothing about her, she feels that Chibi Chibi is quite dear and loveable to her, feeling that although the child says nothing, she understands everything. Proven to care about Usagi, Chibi Chibi is always there to try to comfort her when she is down and out. While she is in bed with a sudden illness (which I believe to be a good bout of depression upon remembering what happened to her Mamo-chan), Chibi Chibi is right there with her, kneeling beside her bed and praying.
    This also shows that she is not only loveable and kind, but protective of others as well. As young as she looks, she had taken it upon herself to take care of Usagi when she was ill, and before that, to save Kakyuu and protect her in the incense burner she had placed in Usagi's room.

    Where Chibi Chibi came from in the manga is completely different from the animated version. In the manga version, Galaxia and Chibi Chibi are completely different people, who are not even remotely related. Although speculation is done throughout the Stars acts, nothing stated about Chibi Chibi's linneage is true until Chibi Chibi herself tells us who she is. She is not Usagi's second future daughter; it is told to us by Sailorvesta that the Queen of the Silver Millenium can only have one daughter. She is not Chibiusa's future daughter either, as it is told to us by Chibi Chibi herself in the final act, #52.
    In this version of the Sailormoon saga, Chibi Chibi is Sailorcosmos, who is the strongest senshi in the galaxy. She explains to the Sailor Quartet that she came back in the guise of the small child, Chibi Chibi, to make right what she believed was done wrong. She stayed by Usagi's side to support her, and to help her make the right decision. When she first came back, Sailorcosmos believed that the right decision was to destroy Chaos and the Galaxy Cauldron. By the time that Sailormoon sacrificed herself in the cauldron, she realizes that the original path, and the path that Sailormoon took, was the correct one after all.

    Many speculate about who exactly Sailorcosmos is. This all was created by a single, simple question posed to Sailorcosmos by Sailorceres. Sailorcosmos, in response to the question, tells Ceres that she is only a coward, who is no match for "... the final courage and strength of Eternal Sailormoon ..." She does not give a straight answer to the Quartet on whether or not she is indeed Sailormoon's ultimate form, and, as a result, has given the Sailormoon webpage scene something to pick apart and fight over.
    But proof that she is Sailormoon is given in the words she says as she explains why she came back to the past. "The me of here, too, was all alone. Always suffering. So I was always by her side, to support her ..." is one example, as well as where Chibi Chibi tells her that " ... this war and the history of suffering will continue forever! It will all be on your shoulders, Sailormoon. You will regret this, Sailormoon!" As Chibi Chibi tells us in her words to the Quartet, she regretted how she didn't completely destroy Chaos at this point in her past. With her telling Sailormoon that she will regret her decision, she is telling her of her own regret, proving to us that they are one and the same, separated only by time.

    Chibi Chibi transforms for the first time in the manga at the very beginning of act 46. Princess Kakyuu, after emerging from the incense burner in front of the Three Lights, explains to them that Chibi Chibi had helped her, protected and encouraged her. After saying this, she turned to Chibi Chibi and told her that she sensed the power of her full star (the power of a Sailor Soldier), and inquired of her if she was indeed a Sailor Soldier. In response, Chibi Chibi smiles at her and cries 'Chibi Chibi Crystal Power, Make-Up!' transforming her with the usual sparkle and shine into Sailorchibichibi.

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