All of the animé clips found here were gathered from various miscellaneous sources around the internet over a period of two years (1998-1999). If you wish to offer these clips on your own page, feel free to download and upload them to your own server. If you know of a clip that we currently do not offer, feel free to e-mail us with the URL to the site we can find it at.
Chibichibi offers a donut to a grateful Usagi.
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Chibichibi offers Usagi a sweetie.
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Chibichibi falls from atop a high wall, catching herself with her umbrella and floating to safety.
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Chibichibi and Usagi meet for the first time. Chibi Chibi loses her umbrella and Usagi catches it for her.
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Chibichibimoon appears in a ball of pink light and transports the inner senshi and Eternal Sailormoon somewhere (I think -.-;).
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Usagi is on her balcony holding Chibichibi while talking to Seiya.
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Chibichibi runs towards a picnic basket and trips.
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Chibichibi tosses a doll.
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