The first time Chibichibimoon appears in the anime, giving Eternal Sailormoon a new power.
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Chibichibimoon talks to the Starlights.
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Chibichibimoon attempts to save Kakyuu-hime.
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Chibichibi crosses the road quite easily, while Usagi nearly gets hit trying to get to her and the inner senshi nearly have heart attacks.
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Chibichibi waves to a friendly bulldog who proves to be not so friendly towards the inner senshi.
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Chibichibi delivers a letter to Usagi from Aluminumsiren.
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Chibichibimoon powers up to revive Eternal Sailormoon, to the astonishment of Sailorgalaxia and the Sailor Starlights.
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Chibichibi reveals her origins ... as her full-grown self.
Note: Some people believe that this is actually Neo-Queen Serenity or Queen Serenity, but this is untrue. If the clip was clearer, you would be able to see the odango are actually heart-shaped.
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